Classification Essay Topics

Select a Classification Essay Topic for Your Paper

It is very simple to select Classification Essay Topics to write a paper on any essay length. This is because the main skill that you require in order to write a classification essay is the ability to analyze information and sort it into correct groups and categories. This is done through references from reliable and accurate sources of information. The main point of a classification essay is the elaboration of the principle of classification that needs to be incorporated in the essay for a certain categorization. All items that need to be grouped must be based on particular similar features that exist between the things to be grouped.

When writing a classification essay you can also group things on the basis of your own grouping principles. Every group or category must contain their own specific examples in order to make the categorization more convincing.

If you are looking for a Classification Essay Topic, you can research essay topics or take a look at some of these classification topics:

Topics for Classification Essays

Classify and categorize:

1. The different coffee shops that you have been to. 2. The different types of books present in your library. 3. The holiday gifts given to you, according to the type of holiday. 4. Your friends as per how close they are to you. 5. The different kinds of flora and fauna found in your neighborhood. 6. The kinds of movies that you have seen in the past one year according to their basic theme. 7. The people in your university dorm according as per their nationality or chosen field of study. 8. The television shows watched by you as per your preference. 9. The different types of cars found in your locality as per their cost. 10. The different countries in a continent with regards to their population density.

You can write a classification essay in two ways. One can either use the classification approach or the rate /evaluate approach. Take a look at Classification Essay Topics for both these approaches.

Classification Topics for Classifying Approach

1. Classify flora and fauna into groups like birds, animals, trees and flowers. 2. Classify the different parts of speech and sentence. This is known as linguistic phenomena. Sort them into groups and subgroups. 3. Classify various inventions on the basis of their significance to mankind, frequency of usage and influence on the development of the human race. 4. Classify historical events in chronological order. 5. Classify all those who stay at your house with regards to age.

Classification Topics for Rating/Evaluating Approach

1. Rate hotels as per the number of stars they have received. 2. Rate airlines from best to worst on the basis of your own experience. 3. Evaluate shopping centres and food stores as per the number of services offered by them. 4. Evaluate coffee shops and restaurants with regards to how often you go to those places with your friends.

Selecting a Classification Essay Topic is quite easy. If you need help with your essay, you could buy an essay or look at an essay writing service for help.

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